“Hello there and Welcome to my new site. I am UniCandle unicorn-the magical unicorn of Krendoll island on the planet of Zercon. I am known throughout the Suzarian solar system as the unicorn to melt ice spells cast by the evil ice witch Razel. I also do transformation of Suzarian Star people into toys like Melodie Mezoree’. Please visit her at her website www.melodiemezoree.com.

I will posting photos and poems about me shortly, so stay tuned and enjoy the magical ride throughout the Suzarian solar system.

Godspeed ahead,

UniCandle unicorn~


Born with a crystal horn that lights up like a candle; hence his name UniCandle–he would become known as the “Rudolph of Birthdays” –he admired Rudolph the red-nose reindeer who was his hero when he just a colt. UniCandle unicorn was destined to become a “Birthday” character no matter what and bring light to the Suzarian galaxy by melting ice spells cast by Razel the evil ice-witch, etc . His Father named Yukon was overjoyed along with his mother Camele for his “special powers” that would at last end the “Dark Ages” as they knew it. He is a trademarked character of Chevalier Originals, Inc. and will soon come to planet Earth as a Krendoll toy.